Antarctica Training Regime Question

Posted: 12-08-2012

Hey Tim,

So, every time I do a strength workout I am fucking wrecked for 2 days afterward…the next day I feel really, really tired, sore, low energy, and grumpy. By day two I’m still sore and tired but not quiet as bad. On day three i’m okay…and by day 4 i want to go at it again with a vengeance…so, the question is, is there anyway to reduce the aftereffects? I try to eat as soon as i’m done…i also usually do some walking but i can’t really run to do active recovery. any thoughts on how to still be a gbn at 35 would be great! hope you guys are doing well…

Dave VanHorn

Here are some basic factors to consider:

How long have you been following the same workout routine, in the same pattern/schedule and at the same intensity (perhaps you need a week off)? Remember that you should only be engaging in high intensity sport-specific strength training 2x/week (Monday & Thursday).

What is the quality of your rest/recovery (sleep, food, passive recovery techniques, active recovery)? You made a great point that active recovery has been difficult in your present environment. However, you could perform stationary, low-intensity calisthenics/stretching on rest days (30-45’).

You could also vary the intensity (Monday = hi-intensity/lower reps & Thursday = medium intensity/higher reps). I would consider alternating your workouts by contrasting exercise selection and contraction type (ie. dynamic v. isometric). I know that this is difficult given your environment and limited facility.

Send me some additional information so that I can give you more specific advice.