Finger Injury Advice

Posted: 04-25-2009


Read the following articles when you have a chance. I have undergone this type of revolutionary therapy and it is very effective for the issue that you are having with your finger.

New York Times

My Naturopathic Doctor’s name is Harry Adelson. He is based in SLC, UT and very reputable nationwide and worldwide in the administering of these types of treatments. His website is a wealth of knowledge.

Here is a list of hyperlinks/sources for the gold/silver acupressure rings that I use (the one that you saw me using):

Acupuncture Needle Ring

I hope that this helps you find a cure for your nagging finger injury. It was nice meeting you while I was in Iowa last week. I think you’ll have fun working in the gym industry – especially because you have such a luxury facility. Let me know if you have any other questions.