Route Bolting Technical Advice From Joe Crotty

Posted: 10-12-2009

My good friend and climbing partner from back in my CSU college days, Joe Crotty, recently called me with some questions about bolting. Although he had been climbing for over 2 decades, like many old schoolers, he had never taken the plunge into route establishment. He asked some very good questions of multiple people who have bolting experience so I knew that he wanted to do a real professional job on the route for which he had obtained a permit in Eldorado Canyon, CO – Which made sense since he’s a smart computer expert so he’s very methodic and a real perfectionist. Read his blog to see what he has learned about the bolting process before even going out to the rock to fire in the line. This is great information. His knowledge of Apple products is of even greater value!

Joe Crotty