Adult Climbing Boot Camp Workout Format

Posted: 06-09-2009

I recently got an interesting request to format an adult Boot Camp style training session that includes climbing from Clint Harvey who attended my adult climbing clinic at Climb Iowa in April.

Even though Clint is an avid Arsenal FC fan and I am a Chelsea FC fan I decided to help him out because Arsenal needed all the help they could get at the end of this EPL season. Besides, I’m somewhat of an Arsenal fan myself.

The first thing I recommended was for him to organize a group of motivated adults at his facility and for them to hire a personal trainer. This is a great investment as overseeing this program from a distance would be somewhat difficult even if I prescribed the workouts online as many exercise websites currently proliferate. A trainer from your community (if they are worth a damn) can more closely monitor the individual needs, proper exercise biomechanics, resistance modification and rate of progression.

Regardless of whether they design their own workouts or seek a trainer to help them, I provided them with the following basic workout structure that will hopefully be of value to anyone who is pondering how to organize a multi-faceted fitness-based workout incorporating climbing with limited time.

Note: This structure is supplemental to event/sport specific workouts emphasizing quality technical execution of climbing and is preferable for early season base building phase training. The climbing in these workouts should be used in high volume, varied styles and lower intensity to avoid injury due to the juxtaposition to other forms of exercise in such a condensed time period. Over time, the difficulty of the climbing can be increased as participants adapt to the total workload of the overall routine.


Group Bootcamp

Boot Camp Session #1 Mondays
20’ Warm-Up
10’ Speed Bouldering
30’ Strength Training (lower reps, higher intensity exercises, more complex movements)
50’ Volume Routes (<70% of max)
10’ Cardio cool down

Boot Camp Session #2 Thursdays
20’ Warm-Up
45’ Volume Bouldering (<80%)
30’ Strength Training (higher reps, lower intensity, basic exercises)
10’ Speed climbing (auto belay/TR)
15’ cool down easy cardio

Regarding exercise selection and equipment to keep each workout interesting I recommended the following resources:

Elite Rings
Jordan Jovtchev Ring Training DVD
Timy Fairfield Freestyle Trainer Training DVD (released this summer)

For More Info And To Purchase These Products Visit:

Training For Warriors by Martin Rooney
The Rock Warrior’s Way by Arno Ilgner

There are also numerous websites that release daily workout routines which could be integrated into the above proposed workout format. I hope that this helps you guys get in shape and have fun in the process. Let me know how your group develops.