Mixed Martial Arts Training Question

Posted: 04-14-2009

So, I have a training question for you. I am looking for some running info…mostly concerning interval training. I have begun training in mma and I desperately have to train in the conditioning aspect. I am in the weight gym and studio a lot but I need to get some cardio/conditioning going on outside of the gym. Let me know what you think.

-Jordan Wright BC CAN

I’m not a martial arts expert by any means. However, I implement many traditional martial arts and Jiu-Jitsu exercises into my warm-up and cardio fitness routines. A great book for any MMA athlete, rock climber or strength to weight athlete is: Training For Warriors by Martin Rooney.

Regarding cardio training: I would train with a heart rate monitor to insure that you train at a high enough anaerobic threshold intensity without becoming overtrained form too much volume. Remember, quality is paramount. I like the following sprint workout format for building foundational anaerobic fitness a few months before getting sport-specific with more complex movements. Although it is designed for general anaerobic cardio training for climbing it would probably help prepare you for some pretty intense fighting as well. Check it out and get back with me.

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