Hylete Clothing TF.com Discount Offer!

Posted: 11-14-2012

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Visit Hylete if you are a climbing coach, personal trainer or fitness professional interested in registering to receive a discount on Hylete hybrid training clothing.

TF Signature Rock Candy System Training Tiles

Posted: 08-24-2012

TF Rock Candy Systems Tiles
TF Signature Rock Candy System Training Tiles
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Deuter March 2012 Featured Product

Posted: 03-27-2012

Deuter Freerider Pro-30

Deuter Featured Product

“The packs in the Deuter product line are ultra-light and appeal to a very modern aesthetic style. Deuter products follow a sleek, well-conceptualized technically sound performance oriented European design philosophy. The performance of our backpack impacts our performance at the rock – especially when slogging heavy loads for route development. An unbearably uncomfortable load causes fatigue and muscle soreness, which can lead to a less than pleasant day of climbing. I am very proud to be endorsing Deuter as a brand that produces high quality products that I personally enjoy using and genuinely want to promote through my special events.” – TF

Deuter March Featured Product of the month

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NEW! EXF Rings - Power Athletes, LLC

Posted: 09-27-2009

Power Athletes, LLC has improved the ultimate gymnastics training rings. EXF Rings, the Cadillac of training rings, incorporate years of research and development. With the new design, you can double the length of the straps for a full 18 foot range. And you can set them up in 5 seconds! We had to create an entirely new mounting system to do this. Even the ring itself has been dramatically improved with a new multi-textured surface. These are all new, exclusive features of the EXF Rings.

5-Second EXF Set-Up Video: Power Athletes Ring Designer Tyler Hass

Full-Length EXF Set-Up Video: Power Athletes Sponsored Timy Fairfield

Visit: Ringtraining.com

June Ringtraining.com Featured Product

Posted: 06-10-2009

The advanced design of the Elite Rings makes them unique in the gymnastics world. These are the first rings designed from the ground up for fitness training. Weighing less than three pounds, you can take them with you wherever you go. And the quick and easy mounting system allows you to hang them nearly anywhere.

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May Ringtraining.com Featured Product

Posted: 05-10-2009

The Elite Rings have been an astonishing success for the past two years. They have been put to the test in some of the world’s harshest environments, including Iraq, commercial gyms and garages all over the world. Based on the feedback of thousands of athletes and coaches, we are proud to announce version 2.0 of the Elite Rings. Numerous enhancements make the Elite Rings II more durable and higher performance than ever before.

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Oct Featured Product 'The Rock Warriors Way' by Arno Ilgner

Posted: 10-08-2008

Rock Warriors Way

A fabulous book that I recently read that would be stimulating for both climbers and non-climbers alike. Arno has an expansive knowledge of warrior literature. He articulates the crucial points applicable to bettering not only our climbing, but our lives in general. While reading his book, I found myself reflecting upon past decisions that I have made, patterns to which I have fallen prey, identifying conscious decisions I have undertaken to deliberately change myself and how I can modify my mental approach to my life, relationships with people, career as well as my personal relationship with climbing. I have been recommending it to all of the attendees of my youth performance training camps and adult clinics.

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