As a professional athlete, Timy Fairfield’s career has been focused around competition and the development of difficult sport climbing and bouldering. As a veteran of the US National climbing team, he has competed in Regional, National, World Cup, and International Invitational Masters level events. He has climbed, competed and routeset/foreran in North America, Europe and Asia.

Distinguished as being one of only 3 North American men to have ever won a professional level international rock climbing competition (Clamecy Intl Bouldering Open – ’97). He is the only American to have ever won professional level international events in all three disciplines of the sport (World Cup Speed – Birmingham, England ’95, French Open Difficulty – Normandy, France ’97). He is also the highest placing North American male ever at the Arco Rok Master International Invitational (Third Bouldering – ’99). He consistently finished ranked in the top ten of each of the three PCA seasons. He has competed in over 100 international competitions and has consistently qualified for the finals (top 20) in 95% of the bouldering events in which he has participated. He spent 5 consecutive seasons ranked in the top 10 of the World Cup Bouldering ranking.

On rock, he has sent V14 (Saadhu – Sheng Dian ’02). He is the first American to climb 8C in France (Maginot Line/Le Plafond – Volx ’96, Fourmis aux Chocolat – Verdon ’97) He has completed a route with a difficulty of 8b+/.14a in a single day (Puff Daddy – Socorro, NM ’98). Timy is the First American to On-sight V10 (Left Martini – ’95). IN ’97 he became the first one in the world to on-sight V11 (Future Eaters – Switzerland ’97). Since then, he has onsighted numerous other double digit boulder problems. In April ’06 he redpointed the first ascent of “Pimpin’Aint Easy” 14c/8c+.

Timy has been involved with routesetting elite television production level Natl and Intl competitions since ’98 (see “Routesetting” section). He also recently served as technical advisor/climbing consultant for an international Nike commercial filmed in New Mexico.

He has appeared in the following climbing periodicals: Urban Climber Magazine (USA), Climbing (USA), Rock&Ice(USA), Sport Climbing Connection (USA), Gripped (Can), , Rock&Wall (Fra), Grimper (Fra), High (UK), Desnivel (Spn), Rotpunkt (Ger), Stones on Stone (It),ALP (It), V-Bouldering (USA). Non-industry publications/Mass Media: Wall Street Journal, Outside Magazine, 4-Corners Magazine, New Mexico Magazine. He has appeared in televised competition and interviews on ESPN-I&II, Star Sports (ESPN Asia), BBC (UK), EuroSport (Europe), Canal+ (France).

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