TF Vital Stats

Posted: 04-11-2009

DOB: 7/24/69
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dishwater
Height: 171cm/5’7”
Weight: 62kg/140lbs.
Ape Index: +4.5”/+11.5cm
Blood Type: (O+) – coursing through white fiber!
Defects: Color Blind, Perfectionist, Obsessive, Irreverent
Attributes: Passionate Drive, Focus, Honesty, High Strength to Weight.

Place of Birth: Oceanport, NJ
Delivery: Breached
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Elementary School: Monte Vista
High School: Sandia
University: Colorado State University – Fort Collins, CO
Studies: Philosophy/Ethics
Musical Experience: Symphonic Orchestra – Trumpet/French Horn

Diet: Eat Like a Warrior – Organic, Mediterranean, Wild Game, Sushi, Smoothies, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Acai, Mom’s Pesto, Capulin, Gelato!
Never: Fast Food, Soft Drinks, Cheap Beer, Mayo, Fowl, Pork, Beef
Smoke: No
Drink: Only after training – French Reds, Pinots, Malbecs, Cognac, Porto
Vices: Dark Chocolate, Dark Macchiato, Dark Humor, Les Filles Francaise!

1st Victory (Age 13 months):
1970 New York City Infant Crawling Champion (20 meters)

Musical Taste: Diverse – Classical, Jazz, Latin, Indie, Old School Punk, Hardcore, Psy Trance, Hip-Hop, Dark Wave
Pets: 3 Cats – Nancy (Gray Point Siamese), Butterscotch & Raven (Bengal Tigers)
Art: Minimalism, Abstract, Romantic Realism, Installations, Political Propaganda Murals
Films: Road Warrior, Fight Club, La Vie Revee Des Anges, Drunken Horses, Mulholland Drive, Brother (Rus), Requiem
Books: Farenheit 451, Brave New World, Animal Farm, Catcher In The Rye, Watership Down
Artists: Richard Heisler, Anish Kapoor, Christo & Jeanne Claude, Willa Shalit, Shepard Fairey

Tongues: Francais & Espanol
Foreign Hometowns: Pertuis, FRA, Cucuron, FRA, L’Argentiere-La- Bessee, FRA; Guillestre, FRA.
Foreign Trainer: Gilles Bernigolles – Alfortville, FRA
Foreign Club Team: Art Bloc – Nice, FRA

Favorite Teams: Man-City, Chelsea FC, F.C. Internazionale Milano, Olympique de Marseille, Equipe de France, Portugal
Favorite Players: Lucien Starzynski, PATRICK VIERA!!!!, Thurham, Gallas, TiTi Henry, Ribery, Drogba, Cesc, Del Piero, Fabregas, Deco, Quaresma, Maniche, Mandanda, R. Carlos, Robinho, Altidore, Onyewu, Tevez, Wanchope, Gianluca Dos Santos.

Countries Visited:

France, England, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados, Malaysia, Thailand, China, S. Korea, New Zealand, Monaco, Morocco, Algeria.


“Shralpmaster” (by owner of Joe Rockheads, Bob Bergman)
“The Ayatollah of Rok’n’Rolla” (From Road Warrior by PCA founder, Mike Uchitel)
“Sick Puppy” (by Skins USA Sales Manager, Ray Thoma)